Before your stay at Southern Paws, for either boarding or daycare, dogs and cats must meet health requirements for the safety of all our guests. All guests entering the facility will receive an all-around general health check to assess the personal needs of each animal.

All shots must be administered by a license veterinarian. We, DO NOT accept self-administered or breeder administered vaccines.

Dog Requirements

⚬ Distemper/Parvo vaccine (DHP)(DHPP)
⚬ Bordetella vaccine
⚬ Rabies vaccine

Cat Requirements

⚬ FVRCP vaccine
⚬ Rabies vaccine
⚬ FeLV

Guests are responsible for providing Southern Paws of Texas with current shot records. The animal must be on a flea preventative. If we find a flea, CapStar will be administered for an additional fee to your bill.

Just a reminder if your shots are expired that new vaccinations usually take 7-10 days for full protection from the date of vaccination.

Vaccination records can be send via Fax to 832-521-5953 or you can email them to

Please note: We do not accept animals in heat, aggressive, excessive barkers, or those unaltered that mark excessively in the kennels.